UK redesigns zero sugar Coca-Cola to look exactly like the original Coca-Cola

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According to recent reports, Great Britain is revamping it’s so called Zero sugar Coca-Cola to resemble the original Coca-Cola. Reports show that from September, the zero sugar Coke cans and bottles will all be developed in the company’s distinctive red and white and more so this new design will contain a black strip on the top indicating zero sugar and no calories.

At the moment, the zero sugar Coca-Cola company uses the white logo from Coca-Cola. This logo nevertheless contains a red logo which is based on a black ground. According to reports, this has been the logo the company has used since 2016. However, the UK at the moment is redesigning the zero sugar bottles and cans to resemble the original Coca-Cola. Previously, the zero sugar Coca-Cola company uses to produces bottles and can which from top to bottom where black.  UK on the other hand want the two versions to look similar to each other.

According to an online statement, the zero sugar Coca-Cola company said that, making this version look similar Is for many people to try this new zero sugar Coca-Cola and more so, according to the company, this is a commercial strategy considering that at the moment 58% of the drinks being sold within Great Britain are all non-sugar drinks.  The company also added that if the company produces cans and bottles similar to the original Coca-Cola, then the zero sugar Coca-Cola will sell more than it has sold in the last 3 years. Looking at this new strategy, then the company will be making more than double profits in the first quarter.

From market analysis, since April, the zero sugar Coca-Cola company made double profits. This was an expected considering the number of soda produced this year.  The zero sugar company reported that they made double profits on this drink following the taxation rates in Great Britain. From Britain’s market duties, sugar tax imposed on sodas came effective on April. According to this new rules, any Drinks which contained more than 8 grams per a hundred milliliters are to be taxed at an equivalent of 31 cents per liter.