UK PM’s Brexit proposal opposed by 80 rebels in her party

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According to recent reports, a former junior minister said that Theresa May British Prime Minister Conservative Party is currently facing a drastic catastrophic spin on her persisting power to push her proposals concerned with Brexit. Nevertheless, it is reported that 80 or more lawmakers in his party are prepared to go and vote against this proposal. This was unexpected from his party member following Such a public criticism which followed just a day after Boris Johnson, former foreign minister described Theresa May Brexit plans as a suicide vest which is wrapped around the neck of the British constitution. In his description, Boris Johnson indicated how it could be hard for Theresa May to get any kind of approved concerning the Brexit deal. In addition to this, Steve Baker, who is a former junior Brexit minister who according to reports resigned over May’s Chequers proposals on the Brexit deal, during an interview with a Press Association said that May started facing massive problem as from Sept. 30-Oct. 3 during their party conference.

Nevertheless, according to reports, If 80 lawmakers of May’s party that is 315 voted, this will go against her Brexit deal which is based on her current proposal, nevertheless the government fate exit process and would depend the opposition Labour Party, this will be the only option she has because in order to command the 320 votes, she needed to have more votes in order to dominate the parliament. That means that she needs more than 321 votes and above for this Brexit proposal to go through and get the approval she needed. However, according to Baker who was quoted saying that for her to come hot, If she comes out of this ongoing conference with hopes of get Chequers  on the back of Labour votes, then Baker thought that the EU negotiators would have probably understood that this could be the end, the Tory party  however would suffer from this untold drastic catastrophic split which as a party we would like to avoid as much as possible. The Prime Minister is currently hoping to win against her 80 lawmakers who said they will vote against her proposal.