Trump visits California

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As smoke, death and loss seat heavily in California, President Donald Trump has been seen visiting some of the homes affected in California in the northern California and  Woosley fire outbreak.

The president spent his Saturday surveying the destruction of the wildfires that have been raging across the state.

Woosley and Northern California fire have now burned about 240,000 acres, killed about 74 persons with over 1000 not found.

Trump went around with Paradise Mayor Jody Jones, California governor, Jerry Brown, LT governor, and governor-elect, Gavin Newsom. FEMA director, Brock Long was also seen with them as the Congress tagged along to sympathize with people

In President’s Sympathetic words, ” No one thought this would happen, really sad to see” he told reporters.

It’s still the most deadly fire in California history leaving a lot of people way worse than they were found and some dead.

When asked if the sight of the damage would change his stance on climate change, he said no!

His strong opinion about climate change stands. He said during a briefing at a command center in Chico, Chicago ‘ I want a great climate and we are going to have that. This has been going on every year, so we have a great forest, and it is going on as we speak.’

After Trump was asked what the benefit of climate change would be to a situation like this, he swiftly responded ‘I think we have a lot of factors, the management factors that I know Jerry and Gavin have been up to, we’ll have it.’