They accuse Elon Musk of stealing the image of a unicorn “with gas”

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The drawing of a unicorn with “gases” today unleashed the latest and most bloody tweeting battle between billionaire Elon Musk, owner of the Tesla automaker and aerospace company Space X, and an unknown cup decorator from Colorado, United States.

The scandal began in February 2017. Elon Musk, a fan of the social network Twitter, shared with his 22 million followers an image of a cup he had recently purchased. The main attraction was a unicorn, a rainbow and an electric car, as described by the paladin of renewable energy in his @elonmusk profile.

The drawing that captivated the South African was owned by Tom Edwards, an artist who makes a living selling colored cups in Colorado, United States.

The following month, the unicorn served as an example to show a “hidden” functionality that serves to draw on the navigation screen Model S and Model X vehicles. The tool in question appears after pressing the “T” Tesla three times . An episode that blew up the environment of Edwards.

The onslaught came almost a year later and in the same way that the scandal began: on Twitter. Edwards’ daughter, Robin (@lisaprank), unleashed her fury on Musk for using her father’s design without paying any copyright.

“Your company used your creative property for a year without credit or compensation, do not you think that artists deserve to be paid for their work? Maybe you can answer the letter your lawyer sent you and you can solve something,” he wrote. to Musk.

“It is a direct copy of my father’s work, and every element that goes into the construction of the Tesla benefits him financially,” added Edwards’ daughter.
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For its part, the technological tycoon did not ignore the episode and also used Twitter as a platform for its release. There he replied that instead of suing him for what happened, the Colorado artist should be grateful for the promotion he did to his work.

“[Actually] it was a drawing of a unicorn from someone else in the Tesla drawing application and we did not get any financial benefit,” he said.

“I’ve asked my team to use a different example in the future, he can sue us for money if he wants to, but that’s a bit embarrassing, but in any case, this attention increased sales of his cup,” he countered.

Far from ending the scandal, the South African redoubled the bet by appealing to sarcasm: “Lisa, I popularized your father’s cup for free, won thousands of dollars as a result and now wants more money because it was used as an example of a ‘hidden’ function How much money does your dad want for this terrible transgression?

“Nothing is more absurd than reality!”, He continued in another post on his Twitter account. “This silly drawing that has just been added as a silly example for our development has bothered me more than anything at present, I definitely do care that the artists are compensated, it would be unfair not to do it,” he said.

Tom Edward acknowledged that he decided to talk about the case after hearing many stories about scam artists. The initiative to expose what happened with Musk was confirmed after lawyers confirmed it was a clear case of copyright infringement.