The minimum wage will be below those recommended by the ILO

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Who says it is Lucio Garzon Maceda, labor lawyer with extensive experience in the country before the convening of a new meeting of the Minimum Wage, Life and Mobile Council for this Wednesday 8. Since July the minimum wage is $ 10,000.

Garzon Maceda argues that “for many years now, in European countries – large, medium and small, from the East and the West – the validity of mandatory and national Minimum Wages, updated annually, has been extended. This is the so-called Katz Index, established by the Conference of Experts of the European Commission and the Confederation of European Trade Unions meeting in Zurich, in April 2005, a model that has the consent of the O.I.T. In accordance with the Katz Index, the National Minimum Wage must be a threshold equivalent to 60% of the national average remuneration “.

According to the last report of the Ministry of Labor, as of May, the average gross remuneration of private employees was $ 29,476. “A year ago, according to the European and ILO criteria, our Minimum Wage should have been approximately $ 14,000 and not the $ 9,500 in force since January and $ 10,000 since July. And now it would turn out to be $ 18,000, “says Garzón Maceda.

According to it transpired, the Government would impel an increase of the minimum wage of 25%, in installments, starting from 12% or $ 11,200 until taking it to $ 12,500 for beginnings of 2018.

Garzón Maceda says that “it is not true that updating the SMVM value is of interest to very few people since its importance is not only directly applicable, but it is also, due to the so-called contagion effect, mirror effect-, for thousands and thousands of unregistered salaried workers, with very low salaries, that although they have the reference of the model of agreement of each activity, there are hundreds of thousands without unionization and without qualification, who are only referenced according to the National Minimum Wage “In addition,” he concludes. The National Minimum Wage has direct application for thousands of provincial and municipal public employees, also in the additional remunerations of the national public administration personnel, as well as on the new values ​​of the assignments and employment plans of the so-called popular economy, which are a percentage of the minimum wage. “