The Instagram Co-Founders Have Resigned. What’s the Reason Behind Their Resignation?

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It is a great shock to many Instagram users who have come to learn that the co-founders of the most used social media platform by over a billion users monthly have resigned. There reason to resign is somehow unclear. But, according to them it was due to lack of creativity in the company. This is because Facebook the owner of Instagram is trying to implement some rules that are not as per Instagram’s policy.

Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom the co-founder quit Instagram because of continuous disagreements with Facebooks CEO Mark Zuckerberg. According to different reports Kevin and Mike had disagreements with over the photo sharing app. This is not the first time the duo and mark have been in different opinions on how to run Instagram. Since, Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for $715 million they have been wrangles on several implementations.

Kevin said, “They decided to quit the gigantic social media company to have create new creativity.” He also added that they are also thankful to Facebook for the time they have been together. In addition, Mark also issued a public statement about the exit of the two brilliant mind behind Instagram’s success. He said, “I appreciate Kevin and Mike working with them has been a great pleasure and I have also enjoyed their company.”

This comes after continuous problems Facebook is facing. From the privacy saga and others like its interference to elections Facebook is having many challenges. This also comes after the co-founders of WhatsApp exited the company. Jan koum and Brian Acton quit because of disagreements with Facebook this is after only four years after his social media platform was bought by Facebook.

To make matters worse the head of public policy in Instagram Nicole Jackson also quit the company in the beginning of the year. The recent resignations have led to a drop in the stock exchange.