The incredible robot that Disney built for his scenes of mortal risk

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Disney will use robots to shoot the most spectacular action scenes. The company’s research division is developing a robot to use as a double action in dangerous scenes in its amusement parks and movies.

As TechCrunch has revealed, Disney is working on a robot capable of performing spectacular acrobatics with great precision. The project is called Stuntronics, name that comes from the word “stuntman”, as they are called action doubles in English.

This project was born from a research experiment called “Stickman” (“man of sticks”), made a few months ago, which consisted of a kind of robotized stick that did acrobatics.

Now this project has been developed to reach the Stuntronics, aerial robotic actors that can autonomously make corrections on the fly to nail their pirouettes and acrobatics each time.

The Stuntronics represent another step in the Disney animatronics, which until recently have been the most advanced interactive and animated robots in the world. But these animatronics were too static, they did not move from the site and their activity focused on the face, hands and light movements of the body.

The new robotic action double is able to go much further and make moves and acrobatics that would be too dangerous even for human specialists.

As you can see in the video, the acrobatic stick has become a humanoid robot capable of performing incredible acrobatics.

The base of this new robot is the original stick, to which were added gears, sensors and joints, as well as accelerometer and gyroscope and an advanced laser detection system to measure distances and speed- Thus, this Stuntbot is able to walk on a rope , imitate the poses of different characters, correct their trajectory in the air and land at a predetermined point.

With these robots, Disney wants to offer new and more spectacular experiences in its amusement parks and also for action movies, such as the Marvel and Star Wars series.