The Gambia tells China that the Taiwan previous ties were a large mistake

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According to recent reports, Gambia president tells Taiwan that the previous ties were a huge mistake. on Thursday In his statement, President Adama Barrow told Chinese President Xi Jinping that he made a huge mistake on his previous ties and that his countries were not ready to merge with self-ruled Taiwan. On his statement, president Adams Barrow thanked China for the help they provided to the Gambia subsequently. China, however, had resumed its ties with the Gambia in 2016. This ties according to previous reports begun after the Gambia ended their formal relations on matters and ties with Taiwan. According to China, Taiwan is a wayward province which does not have any right to any kind of diplomatic relations.

Nevertheless, after this information by China about Taiwan, other two African countries followed the same suit as the Gambia in joining ties with China and breaking up with Taiwan. These two African countries are Príncipe, Burkina Faso, and São Tomé. Nevertheless, China, on the other hand, has suppressed more pressure on Taiwan’s by remaining just as allies. Taiwan now counts down to to the 17 poorest countries located in the Pacific and more so Central America. According to reports, Taiwan is seeking to the limitation to the international footprint of democratic island’s. Barrow also told Xi that according to the beginning of joining up with Taiwan, his country was all along wrong about maintaining the relationship with Taiwan. Barrow is expected to meet Xi in Beijing which will follow this week after the China-Africa summit is held.

China’s foreign ministry quoted Barrow’s statement whereby Barrow said that even though the fact still remains that the Gambia maintained previous diplomatic relations with Taiwan. It was evident that is was a huge mistake which the Gambia made.  In his statement he continued to say that up until now, China has not only improved communication and transport system, China has also improved the road network system all over the Gambia. He said that for years, the Gambian government has tried all it could in making this sector improve but it was unable to do so until China stepped in and turned things around.