Samsung folding device exposed

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In a recent event held in San Francisco, Samsung has disclosed a folding smartphone. A recent update says that the phone can fold in half. The company plans to start producing the phone very soon terming the sample as “the foundation of the smartphone of tomorrow”.

When the device is unfolded, it looks like a 7.3” tablet, and when it is closed, the device functions from a smaller display that was on the opposite side says the source. This might be a fantastic move by Samsung since it has always teased to develop such a handset for the last five years.

The forum says that Samsung has not revealed about the branding but stated the phone would have the capability to run three apps simultaneously. Samsung showed off the gadget to other developers. They have been competing who will launch a sophisticated device with great competitors Huawei.

Justin Denison says that the phone fits perfectly in the pocket when folded adding that its super-slim display beats earlier releases. According to the source, Samsung has experienced a drop in demand for its products in the past. Its market share dropped up to 20.3% from the earlier 22.1% in twelve months.

There could be a huge impact on the smartphone market in favor of Samsung when they release the new folding handset, says the source about analysis.

This might also cause a great interest in its vast pool of products.

IDC’s Marta Pinto says, “We’ve already had squeezable, swivel, clamshell and even foldable phones.” He also commented on the company’s sales reduction and fierce competition from other companies especially Huawei.

The market may be more extensive to individual buyers as Google is planning an event for developers comprising its Android programmers.

Their quest to produce affordable phones has been encouraged after one of Google’s engineering chiefs offered to support them.

Smartphone users might enjoy a good technological experience if the devices are produced in the next few months as promised. Samsung has said it will release more details at a later date.