NHC says Florence experience on Thursday will be an extremely and dangerous hurricane

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According to recent reports, the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) in a Press said on Monday that on Thursday this week, a Florence, which is considered as a category 4 hurricane, is currently growing in both strength and size. this hurricane on the other hand is expected to strengthen into extremely dangerous storm. Reports from the Miami-based weather forecaster on Monday confirmed that the Florence is located about 1,880 kilometers southeast of Cape, however, Fear is now growing bigger in North Carolina. This is due to the fact that packing maximum sustained winds prevail at a speed of 140 miles per hour which is equivalent to 220 km/h. This according to Miami-based weather forecaster is a very intense wind which is expected to cause havoc and more so damage to a huge area in Carolina.

However, the NHC said that the center of this Florence will be moving all over the southwestern part of Atlantic Ocean which will be between Bahamas and Bermuda according to the NHC this natural event is going to take place in those two areas on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively, however this will not stop there. The Florence is expected to approach both north and south coast of Carolina after hitting the Bermuda and Bahamas on Thursday. Nevertheless, after the two centers that is NHC and Miami-based weather station together did the calculation on intensity and more so the strength to which this upcoming Florence will hit in Carolina. The institutions have ordered together with government support in ordering people to evacuate from this area since according to the strength and the size of the Florence, nothing can survive.

After this evacuation alarm was released, hundreds of thousands of civilians have evacuated from this region thereby heading to more secure areas.  More so, the government have constructed a shelter which is expected to hold a huge number of people who currently do not have a place to vacate to. This shelter constructed by the government is located in a very secure ground so people are assured of safety. the government however has dispatched multiple aid, tools and personnel to assist the people around areas whereby the Florence will hit intensely.