Crews fighting to contain the fast raging Northern California wildfire

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According to recent reports, Firefighters yesterday battled to contain the raging wildfire which has forced the entire closure of an interstate highway which exists in Northern California. According to firefighters, the raging wildfire swept entirely through the dry mountain timber within the Shasta-Trinity National Forest now for a 4th day.  However, according to fire officials, late on Saturday, the Delta Fire had consumed over 16,839 hectares of land in the Cascade Range leaving nothing behind since the eruption of this wildfire on Wednesday inside the forest canyon. This fire is allegedly said by the fire fighters that it started along Sacramento River, which is approximately 250 miles north of San Francisco.

However, no serious injuries have been reported nor death cases, nevertheless, the fire has caused disruption in travel along the interstate highway. However According to local authority’s reports, On Wednesday it was seen that the flames had raced across Interstate 5 and this chased a number of truckers from their cars just before this raging flames engulfed on their abandoned rigs. Nevertheless, A 72-km stretch of Interstate 1 to 5. This is a key route which connects north-south through the entire state. The road has remained closed till now. However, the contamination efforts are at large, the spread of the raging flames still remain at zero efforts following the blowing winds towards the dry area.

However, Captain Brandon Vaccaro, a Delta fire incident spokesman for the command said that the Firefighters were using all natural barriers like ridges and roadways in setting up all the control lines, which will be used to help them initiate burn fuel ahead of the this raging wildfire to slow its intensity. This is one of the easiest and fastest method to use in containing and slowing down this intense fire spread through the northern part. Nevertheless, Vaccaro said that according to the efforts, the topography in this region is very steep and in addition to this the land contains multiple numbers of canyons and more so the valleys which makes it very difficult for firefighter’s access and work fast.