Chilean priest, accused of child sex abuse expelled by Pope Francis

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According to recent reports, earlier on Saturday, Pope Francis expelled the Chilean priest who was under investigation concerning a case which involved sexual abuse of children by the priest. according to the reports by the local media on Saturday, the Roman Catholic Church amid a growing global on abuse and more so on the scandal that is currently shaking the Roman Catholic Church. However, a local daily El Mercurio reported that the Archdiocese of Santiago in his statement said that the Pope decided to defrock the accused Reverend Cristian Precht.

Precht, who was the former head of the Roman Catholic Church Vicariate of the Solidarity human rights group which in the late 1980s challenged an ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet till the end of the torture practice which was held in Chile. Nevertheless, the famously known Chilean religious leader for a couple of years now has been accused of sexual assaults whereby part of the investigation is still carried on by the members of the Marist Brothers religious community against allegations of one of their members.

However, Precht has denied all this charges and allegations which is has been accused off. Meanwhile, as the Chilean police raid the church offices, Pope Francis announced that the Andean nation was looking for current cases pertaining sexual abuse or any evidence of any kind where a church official or church officials are concealed on sexual abuse from the local authorities. The Catholic Church on the other hand is reeling worldwide from crises which are involving sexual abuse of both the deeply damaging confidence and the minors in the Church located in Chile, but also in Australia, the United States and Ireland where by these scandal have hit the hardest and elsewhere across the world. According to this accusations, pop Francis said that no Roman Catholic Church official should at anytime be attached to any kind of abuse.  He said in a gathering in Ireland that Catholic officials should be role models to all people across the world and that they should serve their purpose in Christ and assist in the right ways to endure Christianity is brought among all people.