Aloha, a new Facebook voice recognition tool

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Reports from TechCrunch show that Facebook has come up with a new method of voice recognition tool. According to TechCrunch, this new voice recognition tool is referred to as Aloha. According to Facebook, this newly developed voice recognition tool receives massage spoken and then translates the voice recorded to write text.  This generally is referred to as transcribing the for this case the transcribing is done automatically through an application.

This development was initiated by application investigator Jane Manchun Wong. According to her, this was after investigation on the messenger and Facebook android application. She said that this new voice recognition development is for making these two applications more interesting and helpful to the people.  This application will not only help in transcribing user voices but also will assist in understanding the codes behind the applications above.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, the app investigator. He said that this application referred to as Aloha is similar to some other applications but the coding is advanced to a level that the voice recognition pattern translates all the spoken languages across the word.  From her reports, she stated that this will be helpful in conversation of people from different countries and more so understanding among them.  He also added that this application is unique in all aspects that it also connects to external devices, Bluetooth and most importantly Wi-Fi.

From Manchun Wong reports, he said that Facebook will use this application as a cross platform assistance with other social media application and other kind of application. She said that this application is similar to the Google Voice recognition application and the apple voice assistant.  In addition, TechCrunch said that this cross platform assistance will run on both Facebook hardware and software with no bugs.  Nevertheless, Wong found an embedded Aloha code within Facebook Code. She also said that after checking the Aloha code closely, he found out that there was an Aloha logo also coded within Facebook.

Initially, Facebook announced the release of a speech detector known as the Aloha. However, this was not possible due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal early this year.  So the development of the portal and the application was placed on hold for the time being.