3 convict released from jail in the New Mexico compound case

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According to a defense lawyer, 3 people who were arrested were released from jail in Taos, located in New Mexico. This was after a judge on Wednesday dismissed all the charges of child abuse that the convicts were accused of at their desert compound in Taos where a toddler’s body was seen. After the hearing of the case, Judge Emilio Chavez ordered the drop of all charges against Lucas Morton, her sister Hujrah Wahhaj and his wife Subhannah Wahhaj since the prosecutors who were handling the case failed to follow all the procedural rule which needs to be followed after suspects are charged and jailed.

On Thursday, Megan Mitsunaga, the defense attorney for Subhannah Wahhaj told reporters that the three accused people are now out of jail and free from all the charges which they were accused off. However, Mitsunaga said that the three still remain facing charges in the magistrate court in Taos over criminal trespassing which was all about building their settlement on a plot of land which was near Amalia, New Mexico, which did not belong to them in any way. Taking into consideration that the three didn’t have documentation to this piece of land, nevertheless,  the three said they mistakenly built their settlement there.

However,  according to her, the state prosecutors did not indicated at any point whether they were going to file new charges on the three recently released convicts, this three also had been accused by both the prosecutors and the police on their plans on attacks what they referred to as corrupt institutions. More so, Another Mexican judge early on Wednesday dismissed cases pertaining child abuse charges which was filed against other two different defendants from the same compound on which the three people who were released from Taos suffered from based the prosecutors failed to abide to all the rules,  regulations and the court proceedings which are followed after or when suspects are charged and jailed. However,  Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and his wife Jany Leveille still remained in custody facing different charges in connection to death of their three-year-old son Wahhaj’s at this same compound.